There's a lot of bullshit on the internet. This could also be bullshit, but you should decide. Doubt is welcome.

I'm the Head of Product at Kapwing, a content creation platform where you can create your story in one place.

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @shahgaleeb

A world where individuals don't need to work a majority their lives to simply sustain themselves interests me.

What is this space for?

On a weekly basis, I'll reflect on the evolving spaces of creator tools, the ownership economy, and product. I use the term product because I think it broadly captures product management, dev tools, UX, and indie hacker mentality -- all of which interest me.

Things I do

I'm an appreciator of shitposting. Memes, Twitter, YouTube. I love it all. I personally like shitposting via digital experiences, it has a lot of potential. Some examples:

"building something new" is the new standard twitter bio to let the world know you are creating a new product - so I built a twitter scraper and charged for a data set

"human sounds" is a UX audio library to humanize your app or experience. And to make the sounds, I made a bunch of mouth and body sounds

"best game" is a Pokemon-like where you play as an orange blob to take on your nemesis

but my proudest achievement is getting a Honors Certificate in the third grade

Collision Resistance Definition

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Shah Galeeb Ahmed

building things is fun. Head of Product at Kapwing.